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Conflict, Technology and The Individual

Thu 1st Sep, 2016
A series of lectures, following the November 2016 Conference, on issues associated with modern conflict,...

Book for the Conference on 'Modern Security and Human Values: The Changing Face of Conflict' - Saturday 26th November 2016

Wed 24th Aug, 2016
Explore how modern security, conflict, the use of emerging technologies to counteract terrorism impacts on...

'The Dominican Order and the Teaching of the Sciences' - 2016 Autumn Evening Talks Series.

Tue 23rd Aug, 2016
To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Dominican Order we will be...

Next Event

Following on from its recent conference, The Changing Face of Conflict: Modern Society and Human Values, the Institute is providing a series of talks exploring topics from the Conference in greater depth. This will be the third talk the series.

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The Albertus Institute is an initiative based in Edinburgh, Scotland which aims to contribute to the contemporary discussion between religion, the sciences and other intellectual disciplines. The Institute encourages public debate in this area by sharing the Christian, and in particular the Catholic, view in an open and welcoming way and by listening to other points of view in the same spirit.

The Albertus Institute provides a platform for this debate through public lectures, seminars and conferences. As the work of the Institute develops, our website will provide access to various resources such as lecture materials, podcasts, discussion points and more.