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  2. Drone Wars: The Leading Edge of Emergent Technology and Conflict

Drone Wars: The Leading Edge of Emergent Technology and Conflict

This talk will address the development of drone technology as part of a wider review of how emergent technology might change the face of modern conflict. Apart from examining the utility of such platforms, the presentation will seek to reflect on the ethical dimensions of their use both by traditional state agencies and non-state actors.

The talk will given by Andrew Dolan who works as a security consultant and researcher, with a focus on designing and executing simulation exercises. Andrew has worked with an interagency group based at the UK Defence Academy, where he was director of projects on counter terrorism, the European Commission in Brussels, the Office of the Special Advisor to the NATO Secretary General, and prior to that he served 12 years in the British Army.

The talk will be chaired by Professor Zenon Bańkowski, Emeritus Professor of Legal Theory, the University of Edinburgh.

Zenon Bańkowski is of Polish descent. Born in 1946 in Germany, he was brought up in England and studied in Scotland at the Universities of Dundee and Glasgow. He is emeritus professor of Legal Theory at Edinburgh University. His book, Living Lawfully, looks at the relations between Law and Love and the ethical life of Legal Institutions, using metaphors taken from computing. In his recent work he has taken this further and in particular has looked at the place of visual and movement arts in Law and Legal Education (Arts and the Legal Academy and the Moral Imagination and the Legal Life – jointly edited with Maks Del Mar and Paul Maharg).

Attendance is free, but donations of £5 are invited.

The talk is held in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre and the Catholic Students Union.