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  2. The Patient as Person Seminar - 4th May 2013

The Patient as Person Seminar - 4th May 2013

Mon 6th May, 2013
Following publication of the Francis Report, workshops in this Seminar looked at practical ways of bringing about a change in the culture of the health and caring services. Presentations were made by practitioners in medical, architectural and ethical fields and a report will follow.

Over 60 people attended 'The Patient as Person'  seminar in the Gillis Centre, Edinburgh on Saturday 4th May. The topic was how to treat patients as persons, rather than mere 'presenters of symptoms', and those attending were mindful of the key recommendations of the recently published Francis Report. Everyone participated in workshops, sharing their experiences of the health and caring services, and were asked to put forward practical suggestions addressing some of the key findings from the Francis Report. A report on these suggestions along with a synopsis of speakers' talks and the panel discussion will follow shortly.